Maximo Balatbat II was born in 1978 in Caloocan City. Being a son to an architect explains his natural affinity to the world of art which adamantly has not been hidden at all. His early creative formation and works took inspiration from the 'International Cabaret'. a brothel in Caloocan's red light district where he spent an unusual younger years in the company of prostitues and rug rats like him.


Elmer Misa Borlongan is a prominent contemporary Filipino painter best known for his ditinctive use of figurative experessionism. He rose to prominence as a recipient of the Cultural Center of the Philippines' Thirteen Artist Awards in 1994, and his works have since become one of the most widely exhibited and most sought-after at auctions among Southeast Asian artists.


As a kid who grew up in Tandang Sora, Manila, Andres Barrioquinto found comfort in watching creeper movies and pupl fiction to balance out the lightness of his living area. Born to a journalist father, Barrioquinto spend his early teenage years witnessing the dark side of the cities and the streets-highlighted by his hustle and bustle stay in Hong Kong. He went back to Manila in 1992 being able to finish college in 2000. taking up Fine Arts in the University of Santo Tomas. Andres Barrioquinto would describe his works as intuitive rather than intellectual, concerning emotion and feeling seperated by the familiar world. He often works with dark themes mixing it with a touch of Japanese traditional art.Although these themes are at focus with most of his works, Barrioquinto has shifted to a more decorative style of composition rather than the darker theme he has worked with.


Froilan Calayag (born October 15, 1982) is a Filipino visual artist in painting. As the 'The Prince of Dark Fairy Tales'.[1] Calayag is well known for his surrealistic. cartoon-like figures and creatures as subjects of his presenting them with often colorful and playful settings.


Benedicto Reyes Cabrera - or BenCab, as he is more popularly known is widely hailed as a master of contemporary Philippine art. He was born in Manila on April 10, 1942. BenCab began carving a niche for himself in Manila's art circle shortly after receiving his bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the the University of the Philippines in 1963. A painter and printmaker, he has exhibited widely in the Philippines and in Asia, Europe, and the United States. He has won several major art awards in a career spanning four decades. In 1992, he received the Gawad CCP para sa Sining (Cultural Center of the Philippines Award for the Arts).

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Bjorn Calleja (b. 1981) lives and works in Manila, Philippines. He graduated at the Far Eastern University in Manila with degree in Advertising. His works draws on identity, popular culture, art, everyday politics, history and his own life - where no subject remained sacred. Bjorn constantly reinvents his art through various media from paintings, drawings, sculpture, installations, video and culture. Manila's landsacape the internet kitsch, design, adverting and other artists, playing on the irony of aesthetics, visual narratives and human experiences. In 2012, Bjorn co-founded Design, Other Things, a design studio based in Manila and is currently a part time lecturer at the Far Eastern University.